Scope of Sustainability

Sustainability is such a broad subject that everyone will have a unique role to play in it, and that will usually depend on which specific parts of it they're interested in. So I'm playing one role, you're playing another, and someone else will be playing yet another.

This was the primary reason we saw the need for a green virtual community network. Sustainability is about so many things, and everyone has their own individual take on what green living is all about. Aside from the environmental issues you can think of, I could ask, is my financial situation sustainable? What about my career, my life, even my attitude about life? Anything that's not sustainable will sooner or later break down, so shouldn't we be asking these questions about everything?

This is why the subject is broad enough that everyone has a valuable role to play. Living a sustainable life is more challenging. It requires higher degrees of resourcefulness. It takes more diplomacy, more cooperation, more skills. It's not a go-it-alone kind of thing and none of us can rush out and "save the world" all by ourselves.

We'll be expanding on this subject and writing more about it, but feel free to share your thoughts. Let us know where you fit in. Nothing is too small for something this big!