The Green Hub Sustainable Community Network is a new web site and a new concept, and as such it's still in a growth and future planning cycle. The fundamental architecture is in place and everything is fully functional, but in some ways you could say we're only at the tip of the iceberg. We're continuing to add new features and update content on a regular basis, and this will be an ongoing process.

We recently added a new slide show on the home page, for example, which can be used for showcasing numerous featured images in any given article. It's set to auto-play, but you can run through it manually by clicking the back and next arrows on the images. The two icons on the lower right are for larger popups and full screen viewing. This is now integrated as a standard template feature, and it can be applied anywhere in the site - whenever we need the added horsepower for delivering larger slide shows.

This next slide show is also handy for certain types of content.

Some of your Public Listings will be invited to become featured posts in our green living blog, and this shows the different options we have for running slide shows if you have multiple photos to share. Videos like the one above are also easy to showcase if you have them hosted on a decent streaming server like Vimeo or YouTube.

Other future upgrades will include more advanced search features, Google Maps, Event Calendars, etc.. The sky is the limit as to what we can keep doing with a site like this, so stay tuned.

If you have other suggestions, your comments are welcome here. We're also open to suggestions for new articles about green living - or introducing new category sections for other sustainability issues - which can then become green living blogs themselves.