Connect With Others

Who’s who in the neighborhood? Who’s planting, harvesting, selling, bartering, giving a class, or is just full of wisdom? This is the place to find out. Whether your love is community gardens, neighborhood resiliency, raising chickens, peak oil, you’re looking for something as broad as “the better way” or as narrow as the best place to buy tulip bulbs—no matter–this is the place to start: connect, share, ask, and toss around ideas, projects, and proposals. Browse our growing list of resources—from mentors to books to movies to classes to the community calendar. GET CONNECTED. There’s no better way to create the world you want than to join with like-minded people who are, like you… well, for lack of a better term… Green.

Have any suggestions for better ways to connect with others in the Green Community? Share your sustainable ideas, projects and proposals with us in the comment sections and you could become a new featured post in our green living blog!